UCF Football Live Action Series

UCF Fantasy Files

KJ Jefferson - Football in the Wall

Photogrammetry Scan - 98,311 Polygons | Project Time: 12 Hours

The UCF Fantasy Files is a nod to the original NFL Fantasy Files "Pick Me" commercials that went viral in 2009. 

The NFL "Pick Me" series would showcase the featured players doing crazy feats and stunts that looked so real and kept people wondering if they really did it for years.

We aimed to capture that same sense of awe and mystery that those viral videos gave us years back and make viewers ask "Is that real? Did they actually do that?" and it was successful.

With a combination of Blender, Polycam, Insta360, and After Effects, I put a football into a wall.

The best part to me is how people thought the wall was styrofoam or fake brick drywall.

John Walker - Tackle Dummy Launch

Photogrammetry Scan - 122,682 Polygons Project Time: 10 Hours

UCF Space Game 2023 Promo

Orion Capsule Model via NASA

Procedural Flame Thruster

created with Blender shader nodes

Project Time: 16 Hours

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